Southside Stories vol. 2

Each group starts by receiving the first of five chapters documenting this very real and quite fictitious tale through the Auckland cityscape. With each chapter, participants will be served a matching cocktail and need to solve a conundrum to unlock the next chapter. The start time is 6.30pm, but please get in touch if you'd prefer a different time. Please note: If you are coming as a group but purchase tickets separately, please make a booking for your group and let us know it is for Southside Stories.

We want to keep the cocktails a mystery, but will ask if there's any strong preferences or allergens on the day to make sure everyone's happy. Fair to say that gin will be present.

Please note:

- This event is held in a bar and is R18 only

- Each ticket includes 4x cocktails (usually $19-20) and another beverage. Water will be available to all patrons and additional drinks are available from the bar.

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Oak & Sour - A guided tasting of barrel-aged sour ales and cocktails

8 Wired Brewery and Bozo are your celebrants for the marriage of sour
ales, barrel-aging and cocktails (yes, it's a 3-way).

 8 Wired are absolute weapons with sour beer and barrel-aging. Having
spent the last 11 years building their love affair with oak, they have one of
the Southern Hemisphere's largest barrel aging programmes.

 Both wild fermentation and barrel-aging create exotic and unpredictable
flavours. It's beer - but not as you know it. We're presenting the opportunity
to come hold our hand as we take you through a few of the finest options - and
how beer cocktails can partner these tart beauties.

On the menu:

A Fistful of Raspberries. A Belgian beauty aged in wine barrels and
refermented with pureed raspberries. With an actual fistful of raspberries in
every bottle, it's vibrant funky fruit fizzing in your gob. An exquisite

Hendricks Lagar w/ Cucumber Hippy. We love Hendrick's gin. We love 8
Wired's Cucumber Hippy. We have formulated a fresh, crisp, and fruity beer
cocktail that combines the two with cucumber, mint, and watermelon.

Basil Malty w/Mando A Mando. A pale sour beer that spent up to 2 years in
barrel waiting, they've then refermented the beer with mandarins and dry hopped
it with Mandarina Bavaria hops to create something truly complex, wild and
juicy. We'll have this available to combine with a concoction of basil, rum,
and lime.

Tour Des Flandres. The crowning glory to finish. This red ale spends 3
years developing rich complexity in large oak foeders while a collection of
wild yeast and bacteria go to work. The resulting flavours are out of this
world. Dry plum, red wine, prunes, to name a few notes. On the day, we'll
provide the option to turn this into the 'Stupid Sexy Flandres' boilermaker for
$10 extra.

 Book your spot on the link below and get in touch to book a table (we'll make sure
everyone is seated separately as per Covid requirements).

Tickets are $50 and these drinks will only be available at this event. The liquid is limited
and not cheap, so we need to know numbers in advance.

This is an R18 event. The ticket price includes four alcoholic beverages - please consumer responsibly and arrange transport accordingly.

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